• Delivering solutions to all platforms

  • Maximizing your profit

    through tailor made solutions

  • On-site and remote consulting services available

Software as a service


Bagetro specializes in enterprise grade solutions tailor made for each customer. Bagetro supports organizations build their business in the present market with our professional and cost efficient services. With Bagetro as your partner, you gain the expertise needed to transform and succeed in the ever changing industry trends and market demand.

Big Data

The amount, speed, and value of data sources is rapidly increasing. Bagetro offers helps you scale out your applications when needed by leveraging Big Data backends such as Cassandra, MongoDB, HBase. Your company can use its own Big Data infrastructure or use our own to save costs.

Business Inteligence

Bagetro offers a number of Business Inteligance tools that can help make send of the data in your company. The company offers training on the usage of Business Inteligence tools and dashboards.

  • Cloud Computing

    Our solutions use Cloud backends such Microsoft Azure or Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

  • Dashboard

    Custom dashboards that consume your data using tools from Pentaho or Splunk

  • Downloads

    Do you have large amounts of data you need to send to your partners. Use our cloud backends and save on hosting

  • Security

    All our solutions adhere to industry security standards and our often penetration tested



Bagetro provides a deep exploration of .NET design philosophy and practical advice. You learn a myriad of patterns and best practices, and you get hands-on experience developing applications using Visual Studio 2013 and Windows 8.


Go Agile fast and safe with Bagetro's experts. Bagetro offers Agile skills training and coaching to apply those practices in your projects and context


Transform your organization into one that innovates, leads, adapts, and delivers. Bagetro's transformation consultants assess your readiness, co-create a plan for change, and mentor your leadership team through this difficult and rewarding process.

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